"Men do not quit playing because they grow old they grow old because they quit playing" – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Today, computer and video games are just as much a cultural asset as television or cinema. Our range of services includes advising and representing national and international publishers, developers, distributors, providers of online games, hardware manufacturers, agencies and retailers. This includes the drafting, review and negotiation of licence and other agreements, legal support for major projects, representation in youth protection proceedings before the USK and the Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to Minors, the training and education of youth protection officers, negotiations with GEMA, the prosecution of copyright and trademark infringements, the review of marketing campaigns under competition law, the registration of trademarks and representation in court and arbitration proceedings.

Lawyer Stephan Mathé has been a consultant to companies in the entertainment software industry for many years. He used to be a beta tester and product manager at the well-known publisher Eidos and was responsible for successful titles such as "F1 World Grand Prix", "Commandos 2" and "Resident Evil". He also worked as a trainee lawyer at the Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to Young Persons. As a lawyer, he has worked for clients such as Sony, Warner, Disney, Capcom, Sega, Codemasters and GameStop. As a lecturer, he held the seminar "Entertainment Software Law (Games)" at the German Lawyers' Academy.