"Competition stimulates business, none more so." – Götz W. Werner

We check your marketing measures, in particular advertisements, social media postings, sales campaigns, competitions and websites, for their legal admissibility and take action on your behalf against unlawful actions by your competitors.

In the event of a conflict, the first measure of choice is a warning letter. This is intended to give an infringer the opportunity to fulfil a claim for injunctive relief without having to go to court. The deadline for this is usually very short, often just one week. This means that speed is required and there is a risk of a temporary injunction being issued. We advise you in the event of warnings issued against you, just as we pursue legal infringements by third parties for you out of court and in court.

As a former product manager, lawyer Stephan Mathé knows the day-to-day work of marketing departments from his own experience and is also available to provide you with advice and assistance at short notice.